Non-Sterile Manufacturing


5,000 GAL

Batch Liquid
Manufacturing Capacity

1,000 GAL

Batch Semi-solid
Manufacturing Capacity

R&D, manufacturing, packaging and warehousing of non-sterile liquids and semi-solids from TriRx’s best-in-class pharmaceutical facility in the southeastern U.S.


TriRx offers flexible contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services for non-sterile liquid and semi-solid Rx and OTC products from FDA-approved and GXP-compliant facilities in North America and Europe.

Our non-sterile manufacturing teams are well versed in the unique characteristics of liquid solutions and suspensions and semi-solid drug products, with great experience in the intricate processes required to maintain their structural properties throughout the manufacturing process and beyond. This specialized expertise translates to a stable and high-quality product from lab to commercial scale.


Our Huntsville facility in Alabama offers large-scale production of solutions, suspensions, creams, lotions and ointments in a 197,000 ft2 facility combining R&D, manufacturing, packaging and warehousing. This development & pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is designed and approved to handle controlled substances (CII – CV). Packaging lines are fully serialized and offer a variety of bottle sizes.


Segré in France is a former manufacturing facility that offers non-sterile compounding of solutions, suspensions and ointments. We fill liquids into small and large bottles and ointments into plastic or glass vials. Pharmaceutical manufacturing, filling and secondary packaging are integrated at a site that is located in a major biopharmaceutical hub, making it easily accessible for you while offering an exceptional compliance record for your animal health drug products.



  • Large-scale non-sterile manufacturing
    • Solutions, suspensions and colloidal dispersions
    • Creams, ointments and lotions
  • Liquid and ointment compounding
  • Filling of small and large bottles
  • Supplying both OTC and Rx products