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December 2023 | News

Unveiling Excellence: TriRx Speke Secures Top Honors as Manufacturer of the Year


Looking back at the ISPE UK Annual Conference and Awards Dinner 2023 on 30th November, TriRx stands proud and grateful for the remarkable night that unfolded. The air was charged with excitement as we joined industry leaders at this prestigious event, anticipating a night of celebration and recognition. Little did we know that by the end of the evening, TriRx would have the honor of being awarded the Manufacturer of the Year—a moment that symbolizes our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the pharmaceutical landscape.


The Annual Awards Dinner draws a consistent attendance of more than 400 influential figures, including top decision-makers and leaders in the pharmaceutical engineering sector from the UK, along with their clients. The ISPE UK Affiliate Annual Awards commend individuals and companies for their significant support to the ISPE's initiatives in the UK and globally. As an organization led by volunteers, the awards dinner serves as an opportunity for the UK affiliate to express gratitude to its volunteer members, acknowledging their vital role in organizing events and training sessions throughout the year. Nominations for the awards are carefully selected by regional committee members, and the UK affiliate board meticulously reviews these submissions.


TriRx Speke proudly attended the ISPE UK Annual Awards ceremony to accept the prestigious Manufacturer of the Year award. Stepping onto the stage to receive the accolade on behalf of the company was Jodie Winder, Senior Process Engineer, Customer Relationship Team, TriRx Speke. The award presentation was an unforgettable moment as it was carried out by distinguished figures, Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam, the former Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the UK during the pandemic, and Peter Dodd, Co-Chair of ISPE UK. Their presence added a significant layer of honor to the occasion, underlining the gravity of the recognition bestowed upon TriRx Speke for its outstanding contributions to the pharmaceutical industry.


This recognition reflects the dedication and innovation embedded in TriRx Speke's ethos and underscores its significant contributions to advancing the industry. Gratitude is extended to the entire TriRx Speke team for their collective efforts that have propelled the company to this pinnacle of success. This prestigious accolade marks not only a moment of celebration but also a promise to continue pushing boundaries, setting new standards, and contributing to the continued growth and innovation within the pharmaceutical sector.


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