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About Us

How We Are


Drawing on decades of pharmaceutical manufacturing industry experience, we are committed to exceeding your expectations every step of the way.


How does TriRx differ from other CDMOs in the industry? It’s simple, really – we do what is fair, and we deliver on what we promise.

If you think that sounds pretty straightforward, we’d have to agree. Yet, in our experience as former contract drug manufacturer customers ourselves, we’ve found that these virtues can be surprisingly hard to come by in a contract partner. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to deliver a higher standard of performance by prioritizing key areas of service and operational excellence.



We manage your needs and expectations across the entirety of our relationship by establishing a dedicated, multi-functional, customer-facing team at the earliest opportunity – i.e., during the proposal phase.

Common CDMO Practice

  • Expectations are often misaligned from the outset
  • No clear communication cadence established
  • Promises are made without the capacity, commitment & expertise to deliver

The TriRx Difference

  • A multidisciplinary team is dedicated to your project & business
  • We manage your needs and expectations from day 1 & for our entire engagement
  • Your team ensures consistent delivery across cost, quality, speed & scope


We will maintain dedicated ownership of your product from a technical and quality perspective. In other words, we will take care of your product for life.

Common CDMO Practice

  • Primarily interested in revenues
  • Lifecycle product management is secondary
  • Talk about supply performance, but not technical product ownership

The TriRx Difference

  • A relationship leader “owns” your product from a technical & quality perspective
  • Over time, this person becomes the product expert & steward
  • Pursues product innovation & process efficiencies for the lifetime of your product


Supply assurance underpins every decision we make and is escalated to the highest level. We will provide you with transparency into our internal S&OP and operational excellence program, including KPIs, risk mitigation and long-term investment planning. Additionally, we can lead a combined S&OP process to ensure operational alignment.

Common CDMO Practice

  • Generally passive in the customer’s S&OP process
  • Unwilling to show how the company is run operationally beyond the S&OP level

The TriRx Difference

  • We are able to lead a combined S&OP process
  • Through our internal S&OP process, we can clearly demonstrate control of the business across all areas
  • Our internal S&OP is aligned with our overall operational excellence program


Our project management structure focuses on accelerating milestones and maintaining constant communication. At the outset of our engagement, we will work with you to establish a joint charter to align the project to your goals. Any anticipated deviations will be communicated to you immediately, in real time.

Common CDMO Practice

  • Generally unwilling to share project performance details with the customer
  • Project objectives are internally focused; not aligned to customer objectives

The TriRx Difference

  • At the outset, we establish a joint charter to align the project to your goals
  • Both parties frequently review the charter, with actual and forecasted deviations communicated in real time
  • Decisions regarding capacity planning & resourcing are taken to the highest level & any potential roadblocks removed