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Gender Pay Gap UK

TriRx’s diverse workforce and customer base provides us with different perspectives, skills and talents that have been critical to evolving the perception of what contract development and manufacturing partner should be. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer, fostering an inclusive environment built upon mutual understanding, value and respect. This is the environment TriRx expects to be honored and upheld by every one of our employees, partners, and customers – regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or background.

We welcome the Government’s efforts to improve transparency in gender equality and pay in the workplace. The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average (mean) and median earnings of men and women across all roles and is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. From April 2018, all UK companies with 250 or more employees have been required to report their gender pay gap annually. It is important to remember that “gender pay” is not the same as “equal pay”, which is the right of men and women to be paid at a similar rate for work of equivalent value and has been law in the UK since 1970.

At TriRx Speke Limited, our mean gender pay gap (as of 5 April 2024) is   -10.0% with a median pay gap of 4.6%. On average this means that across TriRx in the UK, women are paid -10.0% less than men, and at the median 4.6% less than men. Women represent 26% of TriRx’s UK employees.

The Office for National Statistics quotes the average mean UK pay gap as 7.7% among full-time workers. (Source: Office for National Statistics status April 2023)