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November 2023 | News

Innovation and Excellence: TriRx Celebrates Win at Shawnee Economic Development Council's Good Business Awards


TriRx Pharmaceuticals takes a moment to reflect on the honor and prestige bestowed upon us at the 2023 Shawnee Economic Development Good Business Awards, having been presented with the Major Employer award. In looking back, we fondly recall the night when the Shawnee community celebrated our commitment to innovation and excellence. This accolade stands as a testament to the tireless efforts and dedication of our team, and we take pride in being acknowledged for our substantial contributions to the local business environment.

Shawnee Economic Development Good Business Awards 2023, hosted in partnership with the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce, marked a significant celebration of achievements within the local business community. The event, which took place during the annual membership luncheon, showcased a year of "Good Business" in Shawnee. Notably, Major Employer and Impact Awards were presented, honoring standout businesses that made notable contributions to the community. This recognition highlighted the collective success and positive impact of businesses, emphasizing the crucial role they play in the economic development of Shawnee. The event served as a platform to commend outstanding businesses, fostering a spirit of excellence and collaboration within the community.


TriRx Pharmaceuticals' Shawnee team, led by Mark Frohardt, the VP Shawnee Site Director, attended the prestigious Good Business Awards ceremony to accept the Major Employer award. The team's distinguished members included Lisa Rhueport, the Human Resources Director, Shane Gorbert, Director of Supply Chain/Procurement, Terry Jackson, Director of Quality, Dana Hansen, Director of Manufacturing & Business Excellence, and Lance Erickson, Sr. Manager of Safety, Health, and Environmental. Their collective presence at the ceremony underscored the company's commitment to excellence in pharmaceuticals and the significant contributions they made to the local business landscape. As they stood on stage to accept the award, it symbolized not just an individual honor but a recognition of the collaborative efforts and expertise that define TriRx's success in Shawnee.


 This award celebrates the collaborative effort that underscores TriRx's commitment to Shawnee's economic prosperity. Watch the video below to gain deeper insights into this prestigious award and discover the passion and excellence that distinguish TriRx Pharmaceuticals as a major employer in Shawnee.


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