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EVP, Chief Client Services Officer

Mike Kays has extensive experience in project management, supply chain, operations and customer stewardship. He has been recognized for his expertise across many industries, including process equipment, cryogenics, cold chain technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing, including isolation and high-containment systems.


Prior to TriRx, Mr. Kays was Executive Vice President of Strategy and Supply for Avara Pharmaceutical Services and, earlier, Executive Vice President of Global Operations Planning for Aptuit. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Global Supply for Valeant Pharmaceuticals, where he led a manufacturing restructuring and global outsourcing initiative. Earlier in his career, he served as CEO for a leading supplier of custom design/build equipment for major pharmaceutical customers across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Mr. Kays is a former board member of the ISPE International Leadership Forum and a current board member and executive advisor to various academic and business interests. He holds a B.S. degree from Alfred University in New York.


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